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Meet the Team.


Sheldon Jabero

Senior Acquisition Specialist 

Senior at Wayne State University studying to get a Bachelor of Arts in Construction Management. Equipped with his OSHA 30 card and field experience, Sheldon is very knowledgeable on home restorations and construction.


Carson Davis


Carson is a living example of hard work and dedication to achieving perfection. Every time something comes his way, he never stops south of 110% and always makes sure both his co-workers and clients here at Swift walk away with utmost confidence that he is in their corner. With experience in accounting, law, finance, human resources, and an overarching talent in working with others, he is an invaluable asset to our team. 


Julian Denha


Julian Denha hit the ground running on real estate work as a young man following encouragement from his father. He quickly realized his passion for the field and turned his first profits on several flips not long after. Julian is filled with passion and ambition, after his success in real estate he uses those skills & traits to spur his teammates at Swift Investment; a company he built from the ground up, towards new goals and projects. One of his greatest joys is tackling projects as a team and seeing his co-workers grow and think outside the box.

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Shane Lyons

 Acquisition Specialist 

With experience with both on and off market sales over the course of his career Shane is a very crucial part of the team. Shane's background in real estate includes but isn't limited to helping clients develop investment portfolios or selling their portfolios. 

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Matthew Friend

Acquisition Specialist

Matt takes his time with his clients to develop a very personal connection, and make sure they are confident in the process here at Swift. 

Matt with his background in home insurance restorations is a great addition here at Swift and allows him to be a plethora of knowledge on building codes, restoration, and renovations.


Savannah Jodway

Acquisition Specialist 

Savannah enjoys keeping an open dialogue with her clients to keep the process painless. 

Savannah has a background in insurance and auto sport sales and is able to come up with unique and creative solutions to better someone's financial future. 


Jacob Farrelly

Acquisition Specialist

Jacob loves to understand his clients' situation on an individual basis and will always attempt to find the solution that best benefits them.
Jacob's background in home inspections helps with his day to day activity with identifying problems, solutions, budgets, and cost.

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